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OK, tell me again…What is VoIP?


Everyone is talking about hosted VoIP but what is it?

VoIP is a telephony service that works over your internet connection, not traditional analogue lines.

With hosted VoIP the servers work from data centres, not from within your business. This means that all the phones within your company work together regardless of location.

It also means that you can get rid of any excess analogue or ISDN lines, all you need is an internet connection.

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Have we become “people of a certain age?”

Hosted VoIP is no longer new and internet is not flaky any more but many people still worry about moving their phone system to the cloud.

Actually, I say people worry about internet reliability but I had an insight into what “young people” think recently.  I was giving a talk to some 6th formers and we were brain storming on why companies don’t think that moving to VoIP is a no brainer.surprised-1184889_960_720

They came up with many valid reasons but internet reliability was not one of them.  When I put it forward as a suggestion they looked horrified.  Today’s youth expect internet connectivity to be as reliable as we expect our electricity supply.  Yes, we understand that it can go down but we don’t expect it.

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How Much do calls cost with VoIP?

We’ve all been there haven’t we where the headline price turns out to be too good to be true.  We sign up for some thing and then the bills aren’t quite what we expect, they’ve had bits and bobs added.  Well with Upstream VoIP your monthly bills include calls and the subscription – that’s it.

So how much do the calls cost? Are you going to be stung there?

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