There are 2 types of VoIP – hosted and on-premise

The awareness of VoIP is growing rapidly, as you know from previous blog I spend quite a  lot of time having breakfast and lunch as part of my working week, and 6 months ago when I asked if someone had heard of VoIP perhaps 1 in 10 answers were affirmative. Now it is more like half and many companies answer that they have just put it in.

It’s only when I dig deeper that I find that most have put in on-premise VoIP and actually the number who have even heard of hosted VoIP is very low and so it wasn’t even considered by their companies.

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Love where you live?

Is it just me or do other people find the weekend when the clocks go back really depressing too?  It well and truly signals the end of summer and the onset of dark, damp and cold days.   Living in Cornwall we seem to have more than our fair share of Indian Summers and this year has been no exception.   As soon as the kids were back at school in September the weather perked up and we’ve had eight mainly glorious weeks to enjoy the relative peace and quiet of our beaches and countryside.  As if by magic the clocks change and things start to take on a much more dismal feel. Continue reading Love where you live?

Fed up with being tied into phone system contracts?

contract-frustrationLong term contracts might have been the norm in the old days, when you were effectively leasing an expensive lump of hardware that needed a team of maintenance engineers to keep it running and another team to implement simple changes to your system.  Nowadays there is no excuse for tying you to a 2 year contract just to get a slightly lower-cost call-plan.

On a daily basis we are scheduling call backs to potential users of Upstream, our Hosted VoIP Service for some date in the future, maybe as far away as 5 years, when their current telephony contract expires.  Obviously this is creating a lovely future pipeline of sales for us, but in the meantime those companies are being denied all the advantages of what Hosted VoIP can offer. Continue reading Fed up with being tied into phone system contracts?

What will you do when BT turns off the ISDN network?

What will happen when BT switches off the ISDN network?

BT has announced that by 2025 they intend to turn off their phone ISDN network.  This means that all customers need to have migrated from ISDN lines by then.

BT plan to migrate all 3.2 million of their customers onto their IP based solution by then, either Cloud Voice or One Phone.

This is a great opportunity for businesses to have a look around and see what alternatives there are to BT and really consider a hosted VoIP solution. Continue reading What will you do when BT turns off the ISDN network?