VoIP – not “if” – “when” – if you’re still using ISDN

With BT announcing the end of ISDN you will have to switch to VoIP in the next 10 years…

…it’s not “if” it’s “when”There is no alternative – offices with more than 4 lines coming in are either on the ISDN network or already on VoIP. Whilst analogue phone lines will still exist it is not really possible to run a switchboard system from these.

The good news is, if you pick your new supplier carefully, you wont have:
– expensive set up costs
– long contracts
– set up fees
– ongoing maintenance

The question is who do you use?

With Upstream from VC Warehouse everything is clear and simple.

Whether you are an office with a handful of extensions or a company with multiple offices and 100s of extensions – a VoIP system from Upstream arrives ready to work – straight from the box.

How Much is it?

Each “phone line” is £7.95 per month, with quantity discounts available, or choose an all inclusive package for £15

Chargeable calls cost from 0.4p per minute

We stand by our service and don’t tie you in to long contracts, your only commitment is the month you are in – additionally we offer a totally free, no strings attached trial.

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